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2015 Vision Trends: Hallmarks of tomorrow’s digital business leaders

Technology is moving at a breakneck pace. Social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and increasingly the Internet of Things have become driving forces behind the rapid evolution of digital businesses. This year’s Accenture Technology Vision highlights five emerging themes that reflect the shifts being seen among the digital power brokers of tomorrow.

The Internet of Me is changing the way people around the world interact through technology, placing the end user at the center of every digital experience.
At the same time, digital devices on the edge are powering an Outcome Economy and enabling a new business model that shifts the focus from selling things to selling results.
The Platform (R)evolution reflects how digital platforms are becoming the tools of choice for building next-generation products and services—and entire ecosystems in the digital and physical worlds.
The Intelligent Enterprise is making its machines smarter—embedding software intelligence into every aspect of its business to drive new levels of operational efficiency, evolution, and innovation.
Advances in more natural human interfaces, wearable devices, and smart machines are extending intelligent technology to interact as a “team member,” working alongside employees in a Workforce Reimagined.
Collectively, these trends represent the newest expression of Accenture’s stance that “Every Business Is a Digital Business.” They also add to Accenture’s multiyear perspective on technology’s global tectonic shifts that should impact the strategies and operational priorities for organizations worldwide.  Collectively, these trends represent the newest expression of Accenture’s stance that “Every Business Is a Digital Business.”

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