Mark Zuckerberg: CCP´s “Gunjack” for Samsung Gear VR revealed with Oculus

CCP´s Gunjack on Gear VR with Oculus

Mark Zuckerberg: ….Here’s a photo of Mark Zuckerberg playing CCP’s Gunjack on Gear VR with Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe. It’s hard to explain how fun and immersive the experience feels of instantly being in another place — in space, under water, on a mountain, anywhere. I look forward to many more people having this experience in the years to come…  MZ

Oculus Samsung Gear VR a mobile  headset  powered by Oculus

EVE Online makers reveal “Gunjack” for Samsung Gear VR

Gunjack on Gear VR with Oculus

EVE Online makers reveal CCP´s “Gunjack” for Samsung Gear VR

With their newly revealed game Gunjack, CCP Games plan to deliver an immersive, virtual reality take on their established EVE universe.

Gear VR – Samsung’s virtual reality contender

Gear VR is not a full-fledged virtual reality device per se. The VR headset, which was built in a collaboration effort between Samsung and Oculus,  comes equipped with an optical lens, granting a 96° field of view. Aside from the technology inside of the headset, you’ll need a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S6, or S6 Edge to use it. It’s currently available as an “Innovator Edition”, with a full commercial launch planned later this year.


What do you think about the game reveal? Will you buy the Gear VR consumer version once it launches? Let us know!

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